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You can use Gomiy Gummy before or after a meal. But most of the users use it before meals.

Helps reduce stress and tension.

Helps improve memory and cognitive function.

Supports a healthy heart function.

Endurance, strength, muscle

Improves sleep quality.

Supports sexual function.

Supports healthy weight management

Regulates the immune system


For best results, we recommend 1-2 gummy 3 times a day. Our users declare that they achieve the most effective results in this way.

Gomiy Gummy's are absolutely gluten-free with no health hazards. We are proud to say that Gomiy Gummys are made in an allergen-free facility and are gluten-free.

1 piece of Gomiy Gummy

Serving per cup: 60

Calories per serving: 15 cals

Total Carbs: 3.5 g (1% Daily) Value)

Total Sugar: 1g (2% Daily Value)

Apple Vinegar: (5% Acetic Acid) 500 mg *

Organic Beetroot: 40 mcg *

Organic Pomegranate: 40 mcg *

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid): 200 mcg DFE // 120 mcg Folic Acid (50% Daily Value)

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin): 1.2 mcg (50% Daily Value)

* Daily Value Determination.

Alternatives to sugar are packed with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, which go against our mission to create a gum that helps support overall health and well-being. We use a low amount of organic cane sugar to help make Gomiy Gummy truly delicious!

You can purchase Gomiy officially from our website and or from the most exclusive sales points and pharmacies.

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